Music for Toddlers

Music for Toddlers – Daisy Kiner Kopp

Encouraging rhythm, sound production, call/response, and fun with music!

Notes from the ‘Progress Report’ of August 20, 2016 (week 4 of 5, Musical Trolley class):

Musical Trolley – We’ve been learning music skills through games that involve ‘running,’ ‘walking,’ and ‘resting’ to the beat, echo clapping, singing and body movement, as well as phonics and reading skills using a poem and hand percussion instruments.

Capoeira – Ilana Queiroz (on break)


View a video from one of her classes: Fun with Music!

Her thoughts and experience:

I believe that the more music and art, the better the world!

I play percussion. My forte is rhythm.  For the last few years I have been teaching Capoeira, an art form that includes singing, clapping, dancing, and playing instruments like the agogô, berimbau, atabaque, reco-reco and pandeiro.  It is a group event from the Afro-Brazilian culture and fits all ages, shapes, and genders.

I have been working with children since 2000.  I teach kids from Transitional Kindergarten all the way to adults.  I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  Teaching for me is serious deal.  I believe that the educator is one of the most important roles in a society. I really believe in art and its possibilities.
Music is happiness, happiness is life. My husband plays the guitar and sings. We have a Bossa nova/Samba/contemporary Brazilian duo called Bossa Lounge Project.  We play all around the city and outside of the city – from La Valencia, Stella Italian Restaurant at La Jolla Cove, to coffee shops like Kensington, Saint Tropez ( UTC), UCLA, and Los Angeles. I also play different gigs with different musicians. Flamenco Jazz at Café Sevilla San Diego, Long Beach and Riverside, R&B with Larry White (piano player and composer), and Cumbia, Salsa, and Brazilian music.

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