Instructor: Victoria Eicher

Teaching Approach

Notes from the ‘Progress Report’ of August 20, 2016 (week 4 of 5):

Violin 9:30 with Miss Daisy – We’ve been learning how to hold the bow and the violin using our ‘Statue of Liberty’ routine as well as our ‘bow bunnies’ and reinforcing these concepts through bow stories and games as well as learning and reinforcing our open string note names using the ‘Ant Song’ and ‘GDG.’

Violin 9:30 with Miss Victoria – putting fingers on the string and playing ‘Pepperoni Pizza’ and ‘Strawberry Blueberry’ with the bow!

Violin 10:00 with Miss Daisy – We’ve been reinforcing our technique of how to hold the violin and the bow using bow stories and games as well as playing with the bow on our open string (and reinforcing the string names) using the ‘Ant Song’ and ‘GDG.’

Violin 10:00 with Miss Victoria – We are reviewing fingers on the string, playing with a strong sound, and reading basic rhythms

Violin 10:30 - We have been reviewing and building our music literacy skills through rhythm and pitch exercises as well as learning a new piece called ‘English Round.’

Violin 11:00 – We are learning ‘Old John’s Jig’, ‘Rubber Dolly Rag’, practicing sight-reading and the D-major scale.


Based in the Suzuki, fiddle, and traditional methods, the violin classes focus on sound, memory, technical accuracy, and musicality.  Etudes and rhythm exercises are part of every class.  Ensemble playing is introduced to students at an early stage through duets and trios.

The Pre-Twinkle and Level 1 classes represent the first years of violin study.  We focus on proper posture, finger placement, and bowing while learning the first three songs in the Suzuki Book 1: Twinkle, Lightly Row, and Song of the Wind.  Parents are asked to help their children during the week with short sessions of practicing and listening to recordings of Suzuki Book 1.

The Level 2 class introduces sight-reading and continues in the Suzuki songs, with the addition of fun fiddle songs.

The Level 3 class requires sight-reading. Students learn traditional songs and continue with the next several songs in Book 1 and 2.  Scales and etudes are emphasized.

The Mariachi violin class focuses on 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions with etudes to develop speed and accuracy, and troubleshooting difficult measures in Mariachi songs.

 Level 1 – starting with the basics:

Level 1 – end of first 5 weeks:

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