AUDITION information: Contact Mario Eguia at 760-554-1141,

Recent 2017 Performances:  Balboa Park on Cinco de Mayo , City Heights Library for Law Day, and National Night Out (City Heights and Talmadge)

Guadalajara video, from Dec 3rd, 2017 performance at Albert Einstein Academy festival:



Standard Set List –  ’Guadalajara’, ‘La Bamba’, ‘El Son del Conejo’, ‘Los Aguacates’, ‘Los Machetes’, ‘Las Golondrinas’,  ‘Canta, Canta, Canta’, ‘Amor Eterno’, ‘Las Mananitas’, ‘Un Dia A la Vez’, ‘La Raspa’, ‘De Colores’

Visit the ‘Video Library‘  and ‘Videos for Violin‘ for practice videos.

               KPBS Interview: City Heights Mariachi Ensemble


Program Description

The City Heights Mariachi rehearses from 11:30am to 1:00pm on Saturdays.  The first 30-minutes are divided by violin and guitar.  The remaining hour is spent together in rehearsal of current performance repertoire. The City Heights Mariachi performs all of the traditional styles of songs which are interpreted in the genre by instructors who are both classically and traditionally trained. This music form until recently was only passed down between generations by learning to play by ear.

Teaching Approach

One of the key goals that the instructors have for Mariachi is that the students learn to work together as an ensemble. The instructors take a very hands on approach during rehearsals expecting students who are in the group to learn the traditions which come with this musical art. This includes not only the music but interpretation, performance, and the uniform. Another major key for the students is that they are self motivated as a group and take the time to practice at home.

Mariachi Music – A Short History

The traditional Mariachi as we know it today was formed in the early 1900’s. Its instrumentation is based in a large part by European instruments which play the melodies. These instruments are the Violin, the Trumpet, and the Guitar. There are two key instruments that were made in Mexico and have to be in the instrumentation for it to be considered a Mariachi, they are the Guitarron and the Vihuela. These instruments are the rhythm section of this ensemble.
Because of the instrumentation that Mariachi’s have, they are able to incorporate music from all over the world into its repertoire. This can range from the most classical European composers to the most current artist.

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