Guitar classes are progressive, starting with Level 1 for beginner students (ages 7 and up) and continuing through Level 3/Mariachi guitar for more advanced students.

Students learn the PIMA fingerstyle method and basic sequences of chords that are used in popular songs.

Beginner – reading rhythms and working on versions of the E chord: Eminor, Emajor, E7, introducing La Bamba!

Intermediate – reading rhythms, introduced G, C, D, A7 chords, reviewing E chords and La Bamba, working on G, C, F chords, learning by rote ‘Romanza Anonymous’.

Advanced – learning finger positions for notes on E and A strings – FSF identification (Finger, String, Fret).

Some of the basics:

Theory Handout

7-chord Chart


Guitar/Piano Music Club (Summer 2016) 

Taught by James Harlow and Nick Hein, club hours were 9:30am-12pm, Tuesday-Friday in the Teen Center at the Copley-Price YMCA, 4300 El Cajon Blvd.

James Harlow – James currently teaches Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, D.A.W./Recording Arts, Piano/MIDI/Keyboard, and Voice.  James has been a Studio music instructor since 1998 with professional experience as a Studio/Live Performer for Radio/TV, Guitarist and vocalist for Sea World stadiums, and a Music director for various religious services. He is passionately sharing the power music has to unite and motivate both the listener and the practitioner.

Nick Hein – Nick teaches Bass, Ukulele and both Electric and Acoustic Guitar.  He plays bass for The Routine, winner of Best Rock Band at the 2015 San Diego Music Awards.  Nick has an eclectic style, whether you want to learn a Rock n Roll classic, a new Pop hit, Bach, or anything in between and beyond, he wants you to play the music you are most passionate about.  ‘The most important thing is that you are expressing yourself and having fun!’  Nick received a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities from SDSU and an Associate’s Degree in Music from Mesa college.

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