Providing training in basic technique and music literacy at the keyboard, and performance opportunities for all students as soloists and as ensemble members.  Classes are taught in groups with headphones available for individual practice.

Beginner – (4-6 year olds) playing ‘pepperoni pizza’ with all five fingers, ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and starting ‘Old McDonald’.

Beginner – Level 1– (7-10 year olds) are playing ‘pepperoni pizza’ from 1-5 without stopping, reading notes and rhythms, learning Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

Beginner – Level 1 –  (teens, adults) are practicing chords and ‘pepperoni pizza’, reading rhythms and notes, and learning to play Lightly Row and Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

Beginner – Level 2 – working on chords in key of C for “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In” using our Alfred Book.

Intermediate – learning “Night of the Tarantella” and more challenging pieces with fast passages.

Independent Study:  More advanced students receive coaching from the teacher while studying on their own.



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