Spring Session dates:

April 26th to June 28th!

Class Schedule 


Online (recommended, click here)

IN-PERSON registration for all students takes place on Saturday, April 5th from 9am-11am.  In-person registration can also be done on the first day of class, provided there is space available in the class.

TUITION: All payments are made on the first day of class ($30/$60 per 10-week session, scholarships available.)


NEW Classes:

The Voice Class, 11:30am-12:15pm, joins our Ensemble Class (guitars and violins) to sing popular and traditional songs.  This class is recommended for ages 8 and up.  The class is taught by Ms. Anna Levitt (our wonderful violin assistant who also plays guitar and sings in a band).  A new Acapella class for teens will meet from 12:15-1pm with coaching from members of the Vocal Vixens, the ladies acapella at SDSU!

 The Drum Corps, 1-3pm, starts with the basics (ages 8-12) from 1-1:45pm taught by Mr. Frank Best with sticks, hands, and beat pads!  An advanced class (teens) meets from 1:30-3pm.  

‘Capoeira’ - a very fun class that is an introduction to music for 4-6 year olds with hand drums, songs, and dance!  Meet our instructor: Ilana Queiroz!

Pre-twinkle violin class - for ages 3-5 with parent participation – working on coordinating little fingers and holding a good posture for playing the violin!

Piano – Beginner 1,2,3 - all beginner classes at a different pace, depending on age and experience, starting with a few easy songs and Suzuki Book One.


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