What does music mean to CHMS students?  
“When I feel lonely, music is my friend.  I love singing and hope to become better.”  
“It helps me do my homework and go to sleep at night.” 

 WINTER SESSION: January 23 – March 26

Online registration is now open!  Click here!
In-Person: Saturday, January 23, first day of class at the City Heights Recreation Center, 4380 Landis St. Right-click on the class schedule and select ‘Print’.
TUITION: All payments are made on the first day of class ($30/$60 for the 10-week session, scholarships are available.)

The News:

NEW CLASS – LET’S MAKE MUSIC!  A fun exploration of what music is all about!  Come learn music through fun games and activities while singing and dancing with family and friends!  This class is open to all ages and is especially great for parents and children!

NEW CLASS – UKULELE!  Find out what the craze is all about!  Mario Eguia brings fun and challenge to the happy art of playing the uke!

MARIACHI!  Our Mariachi had a stellar performance at the City Heights Peace Event on November 17 at the Performance Annex!  View the videos and pictures on our Facebook page!  Play violin, trumpet, flute, or guitar?  Do you sing?  Join us!  11:30am to 1pm on Saturdays.  Our Mariachi program is offered in partnership with the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation and taught by Mario Eguía, an experienced Mariachi performer.

New Video Library for Violins – play along with Ms. Victoria on Mariachi songs and Fiddle tunes!  A fun way to practice! 

NEW Program Management and Partners:

YOUTH PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA (YPO) – Victoria Eicher, CHMS Director and Violin Teacher, also serves as Board President for the YPO.  In this position, Ms. Eicher has transferred management of the CHMS from the La Jolla Symphony & Chorus to the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  Learn more: Youth Philharmonic Orchestra!

MO’RHYTHM SCHOOL OF PERCUSSION – many of you remember Monette Marino, our West African drum teacher!  We’re sharing a love for rhythm and bringing drum circles to San Diego community organizations.  Learn more: Mo’ Rhythm School of Percussion!

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