Summer Session dates:

July 19 – August 16

(5 weeks, Saturdays only)

Class Schedule and Registration:

Online (recommended)

In-Person Registration can be done on the first day of class, provided there is space available in the class.  View the class schedule online (above), right-click with the mouse, and select ‘Print’ (just the first page is fine).

TUITION: All payments are made on the first day of class ($15/$30 for the 5-week summer session, partial scholarships are available.)


NEW Classes:

The Voice Class, 11:15am-12:15pm, joins our Ensemble Class (guitars and violins) to sing popular and traditional songs.  This class is recommended for ages 8 and up.  The class is taught by Ms. Anna Levitt and Ms. Ruby Facundo (SDSU Vocal Vixens!)

 ‘Capoeira 2′ - a very fun class for students who want the challenge of more advanced rhythms and routines.  This class is an extension of ‘Capoeira 1′ and includes various hand drums, songs, and dance!  Meet our instructor: Ilana Queiroz!

Piano – Beginner 1,2, and Intermediate Beginner - classes for all ages and abilities.  The new Intermediate Beginner class meets from 1:15-2pm and challenges students to work on new songs and techniques.


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